About Roar

“That’s why I want to speak to you now. To say: no person, trying to take responsibility for her or his identity should have to be so alone. There must be those among whom we can sit down and weep, and still be counted as warriors. (I make up this strange angry packet for you, threaded with love.) I think you thought there was no such place for you, and perhaps there is none now; but we will have to make it, we who want an end to suffering, who want to change the laws of history, if we are not to give ourselves away.

–Adrienne Rich

We are a magazine of intersectional feminist resistance, committed to inclusivity and concerned with all marginalized people. We promote the understanding that justice for all must be sought as a whole.  Through the finest writing, Roar seeks to inspire and challenge, to promote resistance and revolution, and to change hearts and minds.

We want to offer a space for politically engaged art.

We are tired.

We are weary.

We are brokenhearted.

We are scared.

So, we fight.

Roar seeks to shift established systems that benefit the few and offers a provocation of ideas and practical suggestions of what you can do to be in the fight.

We want to keep an eye on the fascism happening in our government and our country and fight it.  Our focuses include:  the treatment of women and girls;  gender, race and class justice; justice for all LGBTQQIA+ folkx; justice for people with disabilities; the “Black Lives Matter” movement, police brutality and mass incarceration; the treatment of Native and Indigenous people; immigration, immigrants of all statuses and the plight of refugees; the lives of the economically impoverished; abortion rights, access and funding; the treatment of people with diverse religious traditions, especially Muslim, Jewish and Sikh people; sex and sexuality; climate change and the environment.




Section Editors
  • Sherilyn Lee | Director of Outreach and Social Media Strategy
  • Danielle Rhéaume | Associate, Outreach and Social Media Strategy
  • Liza Walter-Larregui | Social Media Coordinator


For submissions, please refer to our submissions page. All other inquiries can be directed at editor.roarfeminist@gmail.com