Submissions and Information for Contributors

Submissions are now open! Please refer to our submittable page for information on which categories are open for submissions.

Roar Rights Statement:

After the original publication at Roar, the rights immediately revert to the writer. (All subsequent uses of the piece by the writer shall, whenever possible, carry attribution of Roar’s publication of the work.) In addition to the writer’s rights, Roar retains the rights to publish the original piece in any form in any future roar publication — print or digital. ┬áRoar will relinquish these reprint rights upon written request from the writer.

Roar provides each writer with an honorarium of $25 per piece (with the exception of “My Abortion”); that many writers donate back to the magazine. If contributors do want to receive the honorarium, we must have an email address that works for Paypal payments, and each contributor must invoice on a monthly basis.

A Note About “My Abortion: A Daily Story”:

Although doesn’t pay for the “My Abortion: A Daily Story” column, the magazine makes a small donation to a choice organization for each abortion story it publishes.