Abortion Story #306: Having an abortion when “young, broke, Black and alone.”

Roar will publish a first-person story about abortion, “My Abortion: A Daily Story,” every day for at least 365 days. The following excerpt is from Bridget’s abortion story. She shares her experience by answering a series of questions she often hears when talking about abortion. Bridget opens up about what it was like to seek care while “young, broke, Black, and alone in a big expensive city.” Read her full story that was published on BullshitIST.

“I got an abortion because I wasn’t ready to be a mother.

I found out I was pregnant a few days after moving to a new city alone.

I moved to start a new job where I had no health insurance, no leave of any kind, and because I was a probationary contractor, would almost certainly be fired if anyone found out I was pregnant. Yes this is illegal, but ask around — it happens. I didn’t really have a real place to live. I was crashing in an empty apartment. The only furniture I had was a mattress because I’d spent my entire savings on my move. I was broke….”

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