For My Fatties

For my people, my fatties
Our thunder thighs
Our bountiful breasts
Our arm rolls, back rolls, belly rolls, thigh rolls
Our dimples on our cheeks, and knees, and cheeks
Our glorious fat feet
Our chubby fingers
Our sweet double, triple chins
Pudgy tummies
Wide hips

For my people
Big beach babes in bare-it-all bikinis
Who eat ice cream, bravely
on park benches where everyone can see
Who break chairs
Who take up space
Who lift the armrest in movie theaters
And on planes
Who get whipped cream on their coffee, anyway

For my people, my lovely fat people
When the darkness seeps in

For my people
Who are stuck with
Fatcalls on the street
Who put up with
Doctors who refuse to touch us
People who would rather die than be like us
Loved ones who want to change us

Employers who want to fire us
Our fat, lazy asses
Surgeons who want to cut, trim,
Amputate us
Dieticians who want to drain us
Of our love, body and money
A world that wants us
To stop existing

For my crying fat people
When the darkness seeps in
Self-loathing in front of the mirror
Who want to stop feeling

For my fatties who say, “Fuck it!”
And dance and swim and hike and kayak and canoe and snowshoe and ski and play soccer and wrestle and do yoga and run marathons and lift weights and play football and win Olympic medals
And delight in their physical perfection

For the fatties who are ALSO perfect
With high blood pressure, asthma, heart disease, who use mobility devices, who have depression and anxiety and eating disorders
Who say, “Yes, I have diabetes and it doesn’t make me any less of a person”
Who deserve health care and respect
Because there are no bad fatties here
Because the shape of our health
is as varied and miraculous and infinite as the shape of our bodies
Who all deserve to live

And my fatties who say “Fuck yes!”
Who flirt and kiss and fall in love
Who break hearts, who tantalize and tease
Who make love and make babies and make homes with fat families
Who create community and create safe harbors

For my fatties who can’t say the word fat yet, you too

For my fatties who comfort With warm soft love Squishy hugs
Sharing clothes

Getting close
“Diet Industry Dropouts”
“Team Still Fats”
“I’m Fat, Let’s Party” queens
We band together, we hold each other And sing the stories of our bodies with love

Katy Alexander is an activist, writer, and teacher from Portland, Oregon.

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