I witnessed the birth of a non-prophet

no talk about. religion – any religion?
find a place for mental illness, for pregnant and homeless
it’s a real thorn. the subject:

the political arena around pregnancy is pretty
loaded. a felony, to find someone a place with
no talk about religion – any religion.

as soon as the babies are born, mother and baby have
to leave. a couple & their newborn in a walk-in closet.
it’s a really thorny subject.

it reminds her of the stable where the story says
Jesus was born. there simply was no room
in any religion. no talk. about religion,

she used to be able to control her symptoms. she’s
afraid the meds will affect her baby.
it’s real. a thorny subject—

as in Jerusalem, there seem to be no
apartments available in Texas.
no talk about religion – any religion –
it’s a really thorny subject.

Panika M. C. Dillon is from Fairbanks, AK and Austin, TX. She received her MFA in creative-writing poetry from Sarah Lawrence College. Her work has appeared in Oranges&Sardines, Copper Nickel, Borderlands, the Diagram and others. She works as a political organizer in Central Texas and legislative reporter in the Pink Dome.

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