Abortion Story #265: Abortion Party

Roar will publish a first-person story about abortion, “My Abortion: A Daily Story,” every day for at least 365 days. Below is an excerpt from Amanda’s personal story. Having had reason to doubt her fertility, she opens up about experiencing a very unexpected pregnancy and her complex abortion decision. Amanda later shares why she chose to have a medication abortion surrounded by friends. Read her full narrative that was published by The Seahorse Doula, “an advocate and educator helping people navigate their [comprehensive] reproductive health, pregnancy, birth and postpartum journeys…”

“…Over the past few months, I started thinking more and more about my presumed inability to get pregnant and it hurt. I felt like I had lost my ability to choose without even realizing it and that led to a lot of tears. It took up a lot of space in my mind and those who are closest to me are very much aware of my struggle to come to terms with the uncertain future of my fertility.

A week before I found out I was pregnant, my doctor asked me if I could possibly be pregnant. I emphatically said, “No, I’m sure it’s not possible. I’m so sure of this that I stopped using hormonal contraception 5 years ago and I’ve still never been pregnant. Is there testing I can have done to get a final diagnosis of infertility?…”

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