Abortion Story #263: Dear Congress: Abortion is a Personal Choice

Roar will publish a first-person story about abortion, “My Abortion: A Daily Story,” every day for at least 365 days. Below is an excerpt from Dr. Melissa Madera’s story. She shared her experience in an open letter to Congress last year after lawmakers passed a bill to make permanent the federal ban on abortion coverage, known as the Hyde Amendment. As founder of The Abortion Diary Podcast, she discusses what she has learned listening to others’ stories and speaks to her own abortion, including why she is “not ashamed…[and]…will not apologize.” Read her full essay that was published by Self Magazine.

“…Since you’re so insistent on putting yourself between women and abortions, I figured you’d want to hear from me, someone who’s not only had an abortion, but someone who’s also listened to over 200 people share their abortion experiences. When I was 17 years old, I got pregnant right after graduating high school. Because I lived in a city with several clinics, I was able to access an abortion, a common and extremely safe medical procedure. But I know firsthand that many people in the United States are not as lucky as I was…”

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