Two little girls with apocalyptic curls
sit side-by-side in a chilly courtroom wearing
perfectly ironed cardigans and haloes of frizz —
like, real end-of-the-world tangles —
and they are holding hands. A shiver;
a lonely bay breeze washing in with
the screech of a seagull through a cracked
window. He’s sweating. She doesn’t have a hair
out of place. A frown in a suit
settles into his bench as he prepares to hand down
their deliverance, bangs the gavel,
a reverberation that echoes
down the family tree. The older girl wonders
if it takes half a heart to cut a home in two.

Olivia Tucker is a current junior at Episcopal High School in Alexandria, Virginia, originally hailing from San Francisco. As an editor of the School’s newspaper and literary magazine, Olivia has worked to cultivate a love for literature in her community. Olivia’s poetry has been featured in the She’s the First: Voice Your Verse poetry anthology, as well as the 2016 & 2017 Daemon. Work is forthcoming in Roar and Ordinary Madness. She has also been recognized by the Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards, the David Dougherty Writing Prize, the Charles Fellow Page Award and the Jacklyn Potter Young Poets Competition.

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