Elisabeth Moss: Getting into ‘Top of the Lake’ Character “Like an Old Pair of Jeans” | Cannes 2017

Although Jane Campion’s latest installment of her “Top of the Lake” series could be described as uneven in some places, the series is notable for its focus on mother-daughter relationships, as well as its unusually visceral, yet original, portrayals of the anxieties of pregnancy (the harrowing sequence where a mother imagines a malnourished fetus will not soon leave you). Much like the BBC’s Prime Suspect series from the 1990s and aughts, which was groundbreaking at the time for featuring a female lead (Helen Mirren, no less!) trying to solve both grisly murders and garden variety misogyny, “Top of the Lake” stars women, but it also portrays the dynamics of female relationships quite unlike any show currently on television. Here’s a clip from this year’s Cannes Film Festival where the lead actresses, including Elizabeth Moss and Jane Campion’s real-life daughter Alice Englert, briefly discuss their working relationship:

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