Abortion Story #230: In my best friend’s apartment

Roar will publish a first-person story about abortion, “My Abortion: A Daily Story,” every day for at least 365 days. Below, writer Kat Lloyd speaks frankly about having a medication abortion in New York. She opens up about her physical and emotional experience, being comforted by her best friend, and becoming more aware of restrictions on abortion in other states. Read Kat’s full story as published as in Bust.

“So, it happened. I was pregnant. It was a boy from Tinder who worked in finance. He was an Ivy League graduate that was fairly dimwitted, but he had a sweet face, and I was taking a vacation from my psychiatric medicine. I couldn’t believe it. Was the stress of the situation worth it? Was sex with the man who ignored me when I told him about my pregnancy worth it? Would the pain of having to heal my insides be worth it? No, but it happened. I knew there was only one solution: abortion.

I found out early on because I had decided to get my six-month check up with my gynecologist. After a spat of spring fever and the slip up with said tinder bro, it was time. I was off my birth control for a month, so I planned on retrieving a new pill prescription, getting my pap smear, and heading out on my merry way to celebrate Memorial Day. I entered the office like a bull in a china shop carrying three tote bags and my cell phone. I felt like I was PMSing [to] the fullest. After my examination, my doctor said in her thick Russian accent, “Okay, you want pregnancy test?” I agreed, just for good measure…”

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