What about a breaking body

It’s something my mother told me like how to fold a fitted sheet

or keep lettuce fresh in the fridge, something my mother told me,

that there’s not a single inch of our whole body that’s not breaking

down. Breaking even in bed, one shoulder higher, the hand writes

the shoulder higher, pressure doesn’t beat regular in this heart

breaking beats up abnormal but nothing is wrong. Not a single

inch my mother told me about loving a breaking body. Prime,

waiting for my prime, waiting to feel light in the world, move

able. The water is waiting for my body to feel able not one inch

worried about breaking into white shatter, one foot limping one

rib poking the other body, my boy, his body waiting for my body,

not one inch of his whole being worried about the state of body,

just my body, something my mother told me would be breaking.

3 Replies to “What about a breaking body”

  1. Amazing Ali ! You are so beautiful and talented …I love this. It’s got that special kind of Ali sparkle ❤️😘🌸

  2. Beautiful work…love the the tension-filled space between waiting and breaking, passive vs active, challenging who or what is acting if the “I” is doing the waiting…or is waiting as passive as we imagine?

    Love it.

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