Polarized: Side by Side

Firstly, you purchase the Víveres in the market (which include platano, batata, yucca, and malanga). Second, you stew the plantain skins with rice in a large pot.

Finally, you have a meal which transforms into four curious fish eyes marinating in rose water.

The meal is an absurdist attempt to reimagine the core provisions of the Dominican Republic. A meditation on writing one’s own origin story, with the help of the tubers of a nation.

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New Earth: Caribbean Mythmaking opened July 7th and runs through July 29th at ACRE. More information can be found here.



Joelle Mercedes is a pájaro afrodescendiente multimedia artist, whose practice spans sound, collage, material studies, video, and performance. He is currently living in Chicago, originally from The Bronx. Joelle’s work is a flight interrupted by a chaotic thirst for departures. In this detour, the tart nectar of saudade is unearthed, illustrating a curiosity with distance.

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