My Abortion #158: I Had An Abortion

Roar will publish a first-person story about abortion, “My Abortion: A Daily Story,” every day for at least 365 days.

Today’s story comes from the tumblr of a woman called Rotten Brain Stuff.

So let’s see how many followers I lose for posting this.

One in three women have an abortion in their lifetime, yet this common medical procedure remains taboo. I think it’s important for that one in three to speak out and tell their story so people understand how common this is, how it’s not this scary, mysterious thing that only happens to bad girls, how it affects everyday people that they know, and understand how important it is to defend it.

I had an abortion.

At the time, I was in my twenties, married, with one daughter already, struggling terribly with finances, and getting ready to start a college program in a few months. My partner and I were being irresponsible and not using birth control properly.

We came to the decision that an abortion would be the best route very quickly. We already had one child, and knew exactly the financial, mental, emotional and physical commitment another child would involve, and we knew we were utterly unable to provide this commitment at that time.

I had it extremely easy. Lucky for me, I live in Canada, and in a city with a clinic that provides abortions. My procedure was quick, free, and I didn’t have to wade through asshole protesters trying to shame me for my decision. I had a partner to support me.

I had absolutely zero regrets after the procedure. Given the chance to go back, I would do it again without hesitation. The only part of it that I feel bad about, the only reason that I feel shame and don’t talk about it with the people who know me in real life, is that I know there are people who will negatively judge me for it, who will say that my family and I deserved to be punished for our irresponsibility.

I completed my college degree and went on to have two more kids once we were in a much more stable situation, and I feel being able to terminate a pregnancy that we were not prepared for was the best decision for myself and for my family. I desperately want this choice to be available for my children and my grandchildren as well. My heart breaks for all the women who aren’t able to have the same experience as me: the women without any support who do it completely alone, the women who have to beg money from friends and relatives, the women who have to face the protesters calling them monsters and murderers, and most especially, the women who are never able to get the abortion they want and are forced to have their bodies and lives bent to the will of those who say she should be punished for the crime of having sex.

My mobile phone autocorrect doesn’t recognize the word “abortion.” It ignores it like it’s a swear word. One out of every three women, guys.


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