My Abortion #151: Positive Medical Abortion Story

Roar will publish a first-person story about abortion, “My Abortion: A Daily Story,” every day for at least 365 days.

Today’s story is from an anonymous woman with the handle hereforyou1, and it was originally published at the Babycenter Community website.

found out I was pregnant a week ago at 11 pm at night, I bought 60$ worth of pregnancy tests at the drug store and all were positive.

I went to planned parent hood on Thursday at 2 pm and after an ultrasound I was told im 5 weeks and 4 days pregnant. going to the doctor I already knew I didn’t wish to keep the baby. my boyfriend is 25 and I’m 24 and we just aren’t ready for this.

I’m terrified of blood tests and at first I denied it but I learned if I have a negative blood type it could affect any future pregnancies if I don’t get a shot. I took my blood test, finger prick and checked all vitals. turns i’m in anemic and I have a negative blood type. I took the first pill at the abortion clinic and got sent home with the 4 pills to take 24 hours later, nausea medicine, painkiller and prescription to pick up iron pills and norco.

that evening I pick up my medicine bought tons of pads, lots of food/snacks, movies and my friend brought me a heating pad so I could be completely prepared for the next day. the first pill gave me absolutely zero side effects. I felt a little cramping but that’s all. no nausea no dizziness no fever etc…

the next morning I woke up and cried all morning so terrified of what to expect that day. my boyfriend comforted me and just reassured me he will be there for me and we would be ok. I went back to the doctor at 2:30 for my shot for my negative blood type then stopped at the store to get some lunch and went home. 30 minutes before the abortion pills i had lunch then I took one anti nausea pill and 800 milligrams of ibuprofen. 30 minutes passed and I broke down again so terrified of what to expect that night. I googled tons and tons of stories and there are very few positive medical abortion stories.

30 minutes after the pills dissolved in my mouth I went to the bathroom and I was already bleeding. I was extreamly nervous it was happening so quickly! I felt very light cramping. 3 hours later I ate some popcorn took more ibprofen and anti nausea pills.I would get up every 30 minutes to change my pad and then Id go back to laying down with my heating pad on. I never felt pain over a 4 out of 10. it was nothing. a few hours into it I had very small blood clots only about 4 of them. I was/am actually nervous my pills didn’t work! I read through all the paperwork from the doctors and it states some women get severe cramps and bleeding and some women get light cramps with light bleeding. I was absolutely expecting lemon sized blood clots and terrible pain and I got neither! I didn’t have nausea thru this whole thing or an upset stomach but I felt like I had a lot of gas in the middle of the night. the first few hours I had chills but they went away.

it’s now been 2 full days since my medical abortion and I feel fine! I have light cramping that goes away with ibprofen and light bleeding lighter than a period.

this process for me has been pretty easy honestly. please don’t think just because these women have these extremely painful experiences that it will happen to you because it may not. I expected the absolute worst and I couldn’t of gotten a better experience. I feel so relieved this is all over with and I have a follow up appointment in 5 days to make sure the baby passed. my only concern is that since it has been such an easy process did it actually work? since i’m only 5 weeks the baby is the size of a sesame seed and may of passed with the few blood clots I had.

if anyone has any questions please just ask me! I want women to know this process isn’t as painful as you think! stay positive! I am absolutely happy with my decision. i am not in the right place in my life for a baby and as a women it’s been great to have a choice to take control of this situation and set aside kids for one day when I’m married and ready.

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