Locker Room Talk


This idea came to me last month during a march. I thought, “what if we tried to diagram or annotate that fucked up thing he said?” Because to me it has a lot more to do with privilege, misogyny, patriarchy, and abuse of power, than with “dirty words” or “locker room talk.” Part of me has this feeling I should just get over it, it’s old news, etc. But I can’t. And it relates to so many things for me – knowing that this affects certain people much more than others (women, abuse or rape victims, etc.) – but knowing how horrible the news is every day, it sometimes feels unimportant, insignificant. And then that relates to why it is so infuriating that he could say this and still get elected, including by over half of white women. I often feel like with “women’s issues” or questions of sexual violence, etc. that they are not taken seriously, that there is always something more important going on, so why don’t we just take a seat, shut up, wait our turn, JUST GET OVER IT. And even if sexual assault weren’t such an important issue, his words aren’t “just” about sexual assault, they reflect his entire worldview. That he can do anything and get away with it.

Angela Barton is a writer and editor currently working on an animated children’s TV series at Disney. Her short stories and essays have appeared in Cosmonauts Avenue, The Potomac Review, The Advice Project, Sirens, and Vision Magazine, among other publications. She is also the author of the non-consumer blog My Year Without Spending, the archives of which you can find on her website

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