American Gods

The Roar Meter is a weekly story in numbers.

  • According to a 2014 PEW study, Americans by self-declared religious affiliation:
    • Christian: 70.6%
    • Non-religious: 22.8%
    • Jewish: 1.9%
    • Muslim: 0.9%
    • Buddhist: 0.7%
    • Hindu: 0.7%
    • Other: 0.3%
  • Religion that is the largest percentage female: Jehovah’s Witnesses (65%)
  • Religion that is the smallest percentage female: Islam (35%)
  • Religion nearest gender parity: Buddhism (49% female)
  • Runner-up is Judaism, which is 48% female
  • More women than men absolutely believe in God’s existence (69% vs 57%)
  • More men than women absolutely do not believe in God’s existence (12% vs. 6%)
  • Women are more likely than men to say religion is important in their lives, to attend religious services, read scripture, and to pray, meditate, or attend religious group meetings.
  • Men are slightly more likely to feel a sense of wonder at the universe than women (by 1%)
  • Women are both more likely to take the scripture literally than men (34% vs 27%) and more likely to say it should not be taken literally (28% vs 25%).

Annika Barranti Klein is a writer, knitter, women’s banked track roller derby referee, and radical homeschooling mother. Her work has appeared at The Toast, The Establishment, and on Book Riot. She is a cis, white, bi-furious intersectional feminist.

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