My Abortion #133: A Positive Experience?

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Today’s story comes from the Experience Project website.

I had a medical abortion a last week ago. The reason why I am writing this post is because before I went, I went onto the internet to read about people’s experiences and to be honest it scared me to death!

It’s a bit weird to explain an abortion as a positive experience because of what is happening but basically I just want to share my story for women who are about to or are thinking of going through an abortion and want to hear the other side from the ‘horror stories’.

First and foremost I would say to everyone that an abortion is a huge decision as you all very well know and it is a decision that could potentially change your life as having a child could. Therefore it is so important that you feel very sure about your decision and that it is not something you are forced into or away from. If someone is forcing you against it then just think to yourself… who is going to go through all the changes that pregnancy brings? Who is the one who will have to deal with the emotions that come from having an abortion? You! So it must ultimately be your decision.

I have been on both sides of the dilemma, here is my story…

I am 22 years old and have two children under the age of two. When I got pregnant with my children I had a couple of people including my partner pressuring me into having an abortion. I was totally against the idea at this point and considered it but eventually realized at the time I was not capable of going through with it. My partner threatened to leave me and I would be left alone. I was scared! However, I decided to keep both children both times and thank God that I did so they are beautiful children. My partner never left me and we are as strong as ever. (I’m not saying it would work out for everyone, I was lucky but at the end of the day I am the one raising these children and I don’t regret my decisions for a minute.)

However, about two weeks ago I was faced with the opposite dilemma. Now me and my partner are both students, don’t live together and are not flushed with money by any means. I find it hard dividing my time equally between my two children and get little or no time for myself. I had come off the pill due to migraines and was waiting for my period to have the contraceptive implant. We had sex in the mean time but the condom split. Within 12 hours I took the morning after pill… it was not effective and my period never came. The pregnancy test was positive and I was terrified. This time my situation was different, I was not ready for another child. My partner and I made a mutual decision that abortion was the right step for us at this time.

So I got a referral from the doctor and called Marie Stopes for an appointment. In the mean time I read accounts from people online who had had the medical abortion and was shocked and scared. I was 6 weeks pregnant. When I got there, there were protesters outside trying to convince me not to ‘kill my child’. I still went ahead for the abortion.

I took the first pill and went home. Didn’t feel any different. I didn’t feel guilt and was still sure it was what i wanted to do. The next day I took the remaining 4 pills. Nothing happened for 3 days! I have now passed my pregnancy and there was no cramping… just heavy bleeding and blood clots. I feel totally fine within myself and am still happy with my choice.

I have now have the implant fitted and am protected for 3 years.

I posted this to give a more light view of abortion. If you are about to go through this then please don’t be scared… every woman is different and I’m proof that it doesn’t have to be a ‘horrific’ experience.


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