Letter from the Editor: Executive Editor

Friends, co-agitators:

One of the things I’ve realized in the past couple of weeks when I talk to people about ROAR is that we have awesome content that still needs to be discovered.

Part of that process involves designing a new site that will allow us to let our magazine flag fly, but another part of it involves talking up what’s going on here at ROAR.

For example: Have you discovered the ROAR Meter yet? Each week Annika Barranti Klein curates data and statistics about a feminist issue—it’s a lot like the Harper’s Index, only much more incisive.

If you’re not already reading “Dear Salty,” you’re missing out: Susan Nordmark is the wisest advice columnist since “Dear Sugar,” and since that column at The Rumpus was written by Cheryl Strayed, you know I’m loving Nordmark’s brand of savory sass.

Joyce Hayden’sMust Reads” should be your new A&L Daily, that is if A&L Daily covered intersectional feminism, immigration, the resistance, disability issues, and much, much more.

Yours truly is writing about books (if you haven’t read the new Shirley Jackson biography by Ruth Franklin yet, head over to that section and see why you should!), and I’m thrilled that Sarah Vincent will be joining the Books & Media section shortly, writing about movies.

Our photography feature, “Polarized” by Betsy Aimee, reminds me of the fabulous vintage photos spotlighted on Shorpy; it’s a great way to provide historical context and remind us modern feminists that a lot of work went in to where we are now.

Even better: We’re adding MORE ROAR content in April (and more on that in a future Editor’s Letter).

All of these and other features I haven’t mentioned are making ROAR into a new destination for feminist thought. The missing part? YOU. We’d love to see your essays, literary work, and more. See our Submissions page for more information about how to submit and what we pay.

Resist and persist!


Bethanne Patrick is the Co-Executive Editor for ROAR, a position she has been training for since childhood, when she organized games of “newsroom” in her basement, and always made the assignments. When she’s not emailing Sarah and Jeet, she can be found reviewing books for The Washington Post and NPR, acting as a contributing editor at Lit Hub, and working on her novel. Just kidding–she’s usually reading, which is why she is also the Books & Media editor for ROAR. Patrick is on the board of the National Book Critics Circle.

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