Letter from the Editor


We have made it ONE month (actually we’ve been publishing now for 38 days when you read this)! Roar went live on Janurary 20th with a full week of content, and we started publishing every day with “My Abortion Story.” On January 27th, we started publishing two columns a day, plus “My Abortion Story.” And yes, it is a lot of content, and yes, we will be adding more soon (so stay tuned).

38 days! I’m so proud of us for making this magazine happen, and I’m so grateful for you for reading, sharing, and writing for us.

The last month, in all honesty, has felt much longer than its thirty days. I have spent many late nights frantically sending content to the always-available Jagjeet Khalsa. Without his loyal dedication to Roar, we wouldn’t have anything online. I also want to shout out to Lisbeth Coiman as she valiantly edits “My Abortion Story,” making sure we have something every single day. Her work is a labor of dedication and loyalty to a cause, that of freedom of choice, that she, and we believe in so deeply.

We’ve made our first quarter fundraising goal, again because of all of you who have supported us. Thank you. And thank you to Anna March for her tireless effort to find funding for this project.

There are many more thank yous that I could dole out, and I will. I promise.

For now, I look forward to each day’s content, to supporting Bethanne Patrick as she joins me as Co-Executive Editor, and to the awakening of the Earth, here in the midwest. Spring is coming, and soon little green shoots will pop through the winter-smashed dirt.

Times aren’t easy. But here we are, right? I take solace in my pup’s face near the computer as I type, and the hope of the changing season.

I remember Mary Oliver’s words when I don’t think I can do anymore:

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?”

So what is it you plan to do?

In peace,











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