Tell Me Why I Shouldn’t Hate White Men Right Now

Tell me why I shouldn’t hate white men right now.

Tell me why I shouldn’t be angry with the 63% of white men who voted for a man who espoused hatred and disrespect of Mexicans, Muslims, disabled people, and women. (Though I hav some words for the 53% of white women who voted for him too.) Why I shouldn’t feel repugnance for a man who could not disavow the support of white supremacists and appointed “white nationalists” to cabinet positions.

Tell me why I shouldn’t distrust white men who degrade the Black Lives Matter movement as unnecessary, or worse, as a terrorist group targeting their whiteness.

Tell me why I shouldn’t be outraged at white men who want to police my body and pass laws restricting what I can and cannot do with it. White men who claim the dangers I face as a woman aren’t legitimate. Who use my children and me as an excuse to persecute trans women, but refuse to protect me from being raped on a college campus. Who call me a murderer for supporting abortion, but fight to allow concealed weapons at school. White men who, in the face of evidence proving otherwise, continue to claim I do not make less money simply because I am a woman.

Tell me why I shouldn’t be sick of the white men who tax me to pay for their wars while telling me that my healthcare needs trample on their religious freedom.

Tell me why I shouldn’t be afraid of white men, who have decimated an entire population, enslaved another, and locked up yet another in concentration camps, simply because they could.

Tell me why I shouldn’t be disgusted that 88% of local police forces and 79% of prosecutors are white men who incarcerate black men 7 times more often than their white counterparts, with harsher sentences for the same crimes. Why unarmed black men continue to be shot and killed by police, while armed men who hostilely take over federal lands are not even punished.

Tell me why I shouldn’t be offended that my pleas for representation in media and history are met with eye rolls and sarcastic comments about “affirmative action” when white men have had their culture and likeness reflected back to them their entire lives.

Tell me why I shouldn’t be annoyed that I have to check the “other” box every time I fill out a demographics survey because the white men who designed it can’t understand that there exists those who are neither black nor white.

Tell me why I shouldn’t be frustrated at the white men who refuse to acknowledge their privilege in the world and instead accuse me of “reverse racism,” despite my having no status of power in this world.

Tell me why I shouldn’t be angry with the white men who, upon reading this, will respond with some version of #NotAllWhiteMen instead of listening to what I have to say.

Anna Gracia is a freelance writer whose work has been featured in Scary Mommy, Motherwell Magazine, Blunt Moms, and more.

She says: “I have been shying away from writing serious pieces because I was afraid to let my rage show, but in the aftermath of this election, I can no longer stand silent, or write satire about our oppression. Especially as a woman of color, I feel a responsibility to speak out and give a voice to how many of us feel, no matter how controversial.”


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  1. wow what a crock

    kay. go out and do some research. the median wage of women decided by the median wage of all men working full time give you the number that you make less.
    take a look at universities and go to the 5 lowest paying majors and you’ll find more women than men in those majors. go to the 5 highest paying majors, and while pharmaceutical science is more women, the others are usually more than 80% male. stop shaming people because you can claim that they have privileges. and by the way… I can almost certainly guarantee that you are far more privileged than I, a cis white male, is

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