Planned Parenthood in Context

The Roar Meter is a weekly story in numbers.

  • Number of votes by which Hillary Clinton won the popular vote: 2,864,974
  • Number of Americans who receive Planned Parenthood services: 2,840,000
  • Number of individual donations to Planned Parenthood in the 6 weeks following the election: 300,000
    • Percentage of normal donation rate: 4000
  • Cost to get an abortion at Planned Parenthood California, with health insurance: $570 (medical) or $450 (surgical) + $30 office visit
  • Cost to get an abortion in Sweden, under single payer insurance: $30
  • Donations to the ACLU in the three weeks following the November 8 election: $15,000,000
    • In the first week: $7,200,000
  • Donations to the ACLU during the weekend of January 27, following Trump’s Executive Order banning Muslim entry to the US and the ACLU’s successful court challenge: $24,164,691
    • Number of donations: 356,306

Annika Barranti Klein is a writer, knitter, women’s banked track roller derby referee, and radical homeschooling mother. Her work has appeared at The Toast, The Establishment, and on Book Riot. She is a cis, white, bi-furious intersectional feminist.

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