My Abortion #24: Caring for my sister

Roar will publish a first-person story about abortion, “My Abortion: A Daily Story,” every day for at least 365 days.

The post that originally appeared as Abortion Story #24 has been removed due to community posting standards. It has been replaced with an excerpt from the abortion experience of a woman who preferred to be referred to by her initial, S. She talks about her decision in the context of not ready to become a parent and already having responsibility caring for her sister. Read her full story that was published in Elle magazine.

“I was 16 when I had my abortion. My mom had passed away, and that’s when I became sexually active. I talked to the guy and let him know that I was pregnant, and he wasn’t ready, because I had found out that he already gotten someone else pregnant. So, I just decided it would be best for me [to terminate the pregnancy]. I knew that I would struggle and be the main provider, especially since I was raising my sister at the time…”


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