Genetic Testing

Genetic Testing

for Caster Semenya

Man half woman
Woman half man
And the two intertwined
in each of us androgynous
Lawrence Ferlinghetti

We are both—
all of us—both
in some proportion
that makes us either
or the other.
Both / not both.
Each part
with its own

We want
there to be
no difference.
Equal rights,
all that. But,
as girls,
we were teased
for the size of our breasts,
the rub of our thighs,
and we believed
we could be anything.
Not because.

She became.
Should it matter
if she is
something other,
something more,
or less, than we
have words for.
She is.


Testosterone and all.


Autumn Konopka is the 2016 poet laureate of Montgomery County, PA. Her chapbook, a chain of paper dolls, was published in 2014 by the Head & the Hand Press (Philadelphia). She’s an adjunct writing professor and a community-based teaching artist, as well as a mom, runner, coffee addict, and connoisseur of tv teen dramas.  Find her online:

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