Abortion and Women’s Health since Roe v Wade

The Roar Meter is a weekly story in numbers.

  • Abortion restrictions since Roe v. Wade (1973): 1,142
  • Abortion restrictions since 2010: 338
    • Percentage of total restrictions since Roe v. Wade: 30
  • Number of abortion-restrictive measures enacted by states in 2016: 50 in 18 states
  • Number of proactive measures taken to expand contraceptive access: 28 in 16 states
  • Increase in demand for IUDs from Planned Parenthood after November 8: 900%
  • Global maternity mortality rate decline from 1990-2015: 44%
  • United States maternity mortality rate increase from 1990-2015: 17%

Annika Barranti Klein is a writer, knitter, women’s banked track roller derby referee, and radical homeschooling mother. Her work has appeared at The Toast, The Establishment, and on Book Riot. She is a cis, white, bi-furious intersectional feminist.

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