Unapologetically Fierce

This time,
we are unapologetically fierce.

While you sit there stroking your steel gun,
rubbing your bronze bullets
and moaning with self-satisfaction,

we are sharpening our blades.

We are sharpening our blades

and when we’re done
they will be stronger than your piercing intrusions
when we said,


We are sharpening our blades
and wearing them as gloves
so we can slice through red tape
and spear unwanted advances.

We are sharpening our blades
into precise machines

machines that carve stones into totems,
which we carry in our pockets
on our way to battle
as reminders of life.

Of love.

The blades we have crafted
are sharper than the claws
on that famed mama bear.

Because this time,

It’s primal.

It’s unrestrained.

We do not,
will not,
protect only our own cubs.

This time we guard
and lift up whole nations
as sisters, daughters, mothers, friends.

As warriors.
You see,
this time,

these blades we have crafted,

they are weaving a new flag
made of black, brown, white,
and fists held high.

This time,

we control God’s kiss on this earth

and a life free
from your false forms of protection.

This time,
this is the time,

we are unapologetically fierce.

Robin Lindquist-Grantz (MSW) is currently a doctoral student in Educational Studies at the University of Cincinnati. Her concentration is in Educational and Community-Based Action Research (ECAR) with a strong interest in studying how the process of engaging community members as co-researchers in the scientific enterprise leads to improved outcomes in well-being and quality of life. She is currently working on a dissertation about the impacts of youth involvement in adolescent suicide prevention research, and comes to this work after a career in social work and applied research. All forms of writing have been an important outlet to her as she engages in democracy and social change.

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