Reading Fiction When Reality is 1984

This week has seemed like fiction, that’s for sure. I feel like I am inside a dystopian novel. When I was imagining what kind of salve I needed to help lift my spirits, I thought of Toni Morrison’s novels (hear her Nobel Prize Lecture). I remember when I was a freshman in college, some 18 years ago, reading The Bluest Eye for the first time. What was it that was so mind-blowing to me then? To me now, still? It’s as if I inhabit that place in Lorain, Ohio somewhere in my mind. The New York Times said the novel was “so charged with pain and wonder it becomes poetry.” Before I was able to speak my own truth, Morrison did it for me. I am forever grateful for these beautifully powerful words.

In these uncertain times, as many of us begin to think about what we will do to keep fighting, and what we will do to self-care, let us consider the power of a good novel. I suppose I’m preaching to the choir here, but really: we could turn off the phone, the computer, and the tv more. We could go back to those brilliant books of our youth that fired up our passion, that continue to ignite our passion. Let’s become conscious consumers again–and nourish ourselves with the best writing we can find.

Right now, Powell’s Books is running a Feminism Sale. Check out these titles!

And Carolyn Yates wrote a great round-up of 45 Queer and Feminist books for early 2017. This is a must read.

Here’s to the gentle practice of a good cuppa and a good book.


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