Recent Must Reads: A Weekly Roundup

Welcome to ROAR’s Recent Must Reads: A Weekly Roundup Page. Trying to keep current on the most pressing news can be daunting. The Recent Must Reads column will post several important pieces of writing each week, articles that reflect ROAR’s mission of giving voice to feminist resistance, marginalized people, and the fight against fascism.  My goal is to “round up” news articles that will help keep you informed, especially when you don’t have the time or energy to peruse all the varied publications that surround us.  Our readers are located at different intervals along the continuum of feminist involvement.  Some of us have just recently started to become aware of and active in the issues; many of us have been participants in the field for years.  In keeping with our vision of inclusion, posted articles will appeal to our full range of readers.  Some pieces may offer advice and action to those beginning the journey, and other writings may contain more nuanced arguments. I hope that you’ll find something here every week that inspires you to actively challenge yourself or that allows you to experience, through another person’s story, a larger perspective of the world.   

Although it’s been a busy week of news, from Trump’s attack on Representative John Lewis to the many events organized in preparation for The March on Washington, I’ve chosen a New York Times article by Susan Chira as Must Reads’ initial post.  While the article is nearly three weeks old, Chira’s contention is crucial to the current, overall direction of feminism, to the future we will create, with the goal of inclusion for all.  It’s a place from which we can begin, from which we can listen, and from which we can move forward together.  

Visit us weekly to stay informed and inspired.  And, just in case you missed it, Read On!!

“The challenge for the women’s movement is to persuade more of the electorate that feminism is not merely a luxury for the privileged or the province only of liberals, but rather that it is essential to the freedom of every woman — and to her choices.”

“Feminism Lost.  Now What?  by Susan Chira.  The New York Times. December 30, 2016

Joyce Hayden left her university teaching job two years ago in order to pursue her own artistic work. An assemblage artist, painter, and writer, Joyce is currently in the process of acquiring an agent to represent her memoir, The Out of Body Girl, which describes her 8 year relationship with a charismatic gambler and the dangerous road that eventually led to her freedom. Her chapbook of poems, Lost Handprint, is forthcoming from Dandelion Review. A freelance editor and writing coach, Joyce’s writing services and a selection of her artwork can be found at her website Joyce is available for commission art work, including celebration shrines for loved ones and pets.




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